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Our results demonstrate that regardless of the cause of observed sex/gender differences in brain and behavior (nature or nurture), human brains cannot be categorized into two distinct classes: male brain/female brain.

Whereas a categorical difference in the genitals has always been acknowledged, the question of how far these categories extend into human biology is still not resolved.

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RUMORS: Once again, the rumor-mongers of TDCJ are waging their campaign that the Legislature has changed a law.

Once again, I am informing the inmate population: The Texas Legislature does meet this year, but no one will know whether there will be any new laws affecting the inmate population until at least June 2017.

There must be a vote of the majority of the Committee Members to move the Bill out of the Committee to the floor of the State Legislature.

Here we show that, although there are sex/gender differences in brain and behavior, humans and human brains are comprised of unique “mosaics” of features, some more common in females compared with males, some more common in males compared with females, and some common in both females and males.Just because a Bill (a suggestion by one of the Legislatures for a new law) is submitted does not mean the Bill will become law.There is a procedure for a Bill to become law and it is time consuming.So, please have a look at the links above and let us know what you think – either here on this blog or on the ongoing thread on the topic in the Literotica Forum.Thanks for all of the feedback, everyone, and stay tuned for more Literotica updates very soon!

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