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The local authority, which cannot be named, launched a serious case review to discover why the girl, described as having a chaotic life, had been left almost unsupervised by social workers even though staff had “very real concerns” about her.

Officials tried to persuade the teenager to leave Bristol but the girl refused and because she was under a Section 20 care order, also known as voluntary accommodation, the council could not force her to leave.

De Vine said no human trafficking charges have been filed to date.

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One afternoon, he handed her a note that read: “I know that you’re married and I respect that, but if you’re interested in exploring, let me know.” Most husbands would feel threatened or at least irked if a guy propositioned their wife, but Stephane says he was flattered.

The next day, Stephane and Samantha rented (a Canadian cult classic about three couples getting it on in the woods) and proceeded to have sex all weekend.

A few days later, with her husband’s blessing, Samantha was naked on Grande Red Eye Bold’s couch.

Stephane and Samantha’s open marriage includes shared girlfriends, bacchanalian house parties and always asking permission before taking on a new lover.

A portrait of Toronto’s new generation of polyamorists Samantha Fraser and Stephane Goulet are the kind of married couple who have always talked openly about people they find attractive.

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