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Jason Schwartzman's memories of childhood trips to classical concerts are filled with trepidation. But another book turned that notion on its head: Blair Tindall's , which Schwartzman and filmmaker Roman Coppola, along with Academy Award-nominated writer Paul Weitz, have turned into a new series for Amazon, also called "Mozart in the Jungle." Set in New York, the show stars Gael García Bernal as Rodrigo De Souza, a young conductor brought in to shake up the New York Philharmonic, and Lola Kirke as Hailey, an aspiring oboist and ingénue who becomes Rodrigo's assistant.

"When are you supposed to laugh and applaud -- when are you not? In the initial stages, Schwartzman had talked and talked about Tindall's book to friends and family (which potentially even influenced the name of his cousin-in-law Thomas Mars' album, "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix").

Recently in David Byrne's book, , the Talking Heads frontman expressed frustration that the classical world attempted to keep "riff-raff" out of its performances through elaborate, unspoken rules (usually pertaining to not speaking).

But it was HBO that originally show interested in the pitch, owing to the fact Schwartzman had worked with the network on Jonathan Ames' cult series "Bored to Death." At that time, however, "Mozart in the Jungle" was pitted against another New York-based show featuring a Kirke sister -- in that case Jemima Kirke -- in a starring role.

Occasionally, you may need to tweak a few shots further here and there, but overall this workflow will still be a lot more time-efficient and effective than sending your footage back and forth between the two editing applications all the time.

Blockly eliminates the tedious challenges of the latter two and focuses on teaching students the main logic behind programming.Before you answer this question, there are a few important considerations you should bear in mind.First and foremost, it’s essential to know whether you’d like to round-trip between the two NLEs or you want to complete your project while utilizing only the provided tools and assets of either platform.“If he has his feet in the paint and he catches it, it’s pretty much a bucket or a foul.So we’ve got to force him to catch the ball outside the paint, make him make a play to get to the paint.” No one knows Karnowski better than Gonzaga senior guard Rem Bakamus, one of his close friends. but on the court he’s probably the meanest guy,” Bakamus said.

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