Microsoft money premier not updating

Version 17 (is the Sunset version) and the last one published by MS. And from what others have posted, it worked fine in Win8.1 'and' the earlier builds of pre-release Win10.

Given the fact that it reportedly worked fine in earlier builds of Win10, I think there is at least hope that MS will fix the problem.

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Last year, Microsoft stopped making new versions of Microsoft Money, their personal money management software package—and now they’ve made it available for everybody for free… The new “Sunset” versions were created so that existing customers could continue to install MS Money without requiring activation, but that also means anybody can download and install it.To set up for the first time, Money makes it a snap to add accounts, especially if they're already accessible online.Signing in to Money while you're connected to the Internet will update the latest information from your connected bank, credit card, and other financial accounts.We’re assessing how we can make this capability a reality in conjunction with the release of Quicken 2010 in the fall.An Intuit representative e-mailed me saying that they are working quickly on making a conversion file that would seamlessly move data from Money to Quicken.

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