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Yet few memories are more precious to me, now that I understand why those nights are forever gone.It isn't that the people, with whom I'm still in touch, love one another any less.You would think by 24 I would know the fine line between sober and blackout, but I haven’t figured that out 1 p.m.: Wake up and remember nothing about the night.I think I brought someone home though not really sure because he’s not there in the morning.We pass around a joint, conversing every few minutes about a message we’ve received (“this guy’s hot”; “come look at this fairy”; “this fucking asshole just stopped responding”), either from a handsome prospect who lives a few floors down or the silver fox who’s 836 feet away, but the night ends as it started, with four single, fledgling gay millennials, supine and slightlystoned.In places like New York City, sex, or the prospect of it, is laughably easy to procure thanks to Grindr, which launched in 2009, when my friends and I were closeted 14-year-olds, going to high school in provincial suburban towns, watching our straight classmates dip their toes into the world of promiscuity as we hunkered down and studied, sexless.We burned drank lukewarm Bud Ice or Mickey's, and debated our respective Catholicism, agnosticism, atheism, Buddhist flirtations, impulses toward utilitarianism, and everything else about how we ought to think and live.The particulars of the conversations are forgotten.

8 p.m.: Friend comes over to pregame with my bottles from Trader Joe’s (hey, I’m laid off), and we thank God for unemployment insurance because it pays us to live in our expensive luxury apartments with no income.When I was an undergraduate at Georgetown University in the early 1990s, my roommate and I dressed up like prostitutes for Halloween.We bought fishnets, wore our tightest, sexiest clothes and sauntered out like we were the hottest girls alive.Until I was 17, the Catholic schools I attended focused on the teachings of the church.Then, as high school juniors, my friends and I studied general ethics under Mr.

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