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However, some experts say there is more to it than unemployment.

Professor Clement Dzidonu, president of Accra Institute of Technology says Ghana’s reputation for cybercrime was affecting what could be a booming E-commerce industry and like in Nigeria, which is also notorious for Internet scams, tech savvy youths are simply taking the easy way out.

Due to the potential for violence, you should avoid political rallies and street demonstrations and maintain situational awareness of events or activities around you at all times.

West Africa, to include Ghana, faces an increased threat from transnational terrorist groups.

Accra’s cybercrime wave exposes government failure to create jobs and suggests many are yet to benefit from growth that for years made Ghana one of Africa’s most dynamic economies.

Youth unemployment has risen since 2014 due to slower growth caused by a fiscal crisis and lower global prices for Ghana’s gold, cocoa and oil analysts say.

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They have a right to resign or we have a right to fire them. How can a person who does not want to put pocket money on the table, pay utility bills, school fees, spends all his time outside the home and beats his wife in the full glare of his children be celebrated?"No you don't need to be celebrated because you don't deserve it. He said he knew it might sound controversial but it was the truth.Her cover story is that her parents moved to Ghana when she was young and then died, leaving her a small fortune in gold or land she can only access once she marries.“I think it is bad but, because of youth unemployment, we don’t have a work, sometimes when you sit down and think what you are doing is bad but you are in it you don’t have any option,” said Ama.

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