Strange dating sites

When I tell someone I’m single, a common response is, “Have you tried online dating? ” The answer to that is that yes, I have tried online dating.

I met a few guys online and it was actually really weird.

So instead, they use photos with two or more people, or no people at all.

Kana mentioned that a lot of people just post photos of their cats, or, oddly, a rice cooker.

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Back in those days people commonly write letters or do phone calls to people they haven’t met.That perception dates back to the '90s, when pseudo dating sites required men to pay per message and had their employees pose as female subscribers. This past June, The Daily Mail reported that eight executives were arrested in Japan after allegedly fake dating sites they created in 2004 were exposed.As in the '90s, the executives allegedly paid their male employees to act as women and required subscribers to pay money to talk to the "girls." Out of the 2.7 million members on the site, only one was female, and the sites generated over Over the next year, Facebook users increased from 6 million in 2011 to 13.5 million by February 2012.And now the modern way of meeting and searching for soul mates are now made easier because of high technology called the internet.As I was researching, I came across these weird dating and bizarre sites.

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