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It's one moment in his whole life," said the character's step-brother Kurt (Colfer) in the opening scene, apparently speaking on behalf of creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk and setting up an hour-long waiting game where you thought they had to, at some point, reveal the cause. Back in August, Murphy himself explained the omission: "At one point, we were going to have his character die [of] an accidental drug overdose, but we decided [against that]. When no overt ones were dropped, it was time for us to grasp at straws – step-dad Burt (Mike O' Malley) breaking down and saying he wished he had hugged his step-son more, does that point to suicide? The most obvious reason to gloss over the "how" is because the show didn’t want to tarnish the character’s image (or further muddle Monteith's now-polarizing legacy).Whether it was suicide, an "accidental" overdose, a drunk driving accident or something else, there aren't many non-controversial ways for an otherwise healthy teenager to die.-Mercedes goes on tour as Beyonce’s opening act and doesn’t get back together with Sam -Sam becomes the new director of the New Directions -Mc Kinley High becomes a performing arts high school and Will is named principal FIVE YEARS LATER -Rachel wins a Tony Award and is married to Jesse St. and Rachel is their surrogate -Tina and Artie are back together -Sue is the Vice President of the United States, serving under President Jeb Bush -The Mc Kinley High theater is renamed to the Finn Hudson Auditorium The first hour of the episode is a look back at the characters in 2009 before the New Directions started.We see Will (Matthew Morrison) tell his wife Terri (Jessalyn Gilsig) that he is going to start the glee club. He goes to the guidance counselor’s office to look at an “ending it all” pamphlet and Emma (Jayma Mays) calls his dad (Mike O’Malley) in for a meeting to tell him that his son is depressed.The sensitive star-quarterback-turned-glee-club-singer was portrayed as a hero of sorts, agilely moving between cliques and helping to connect people. It was therefore natural that ever since 31-year-old Monteith died of a drug overdose on July 13th and it was announced that the show would go on without him by killing off Finn, Gleeks and casual viewers alike had been wondering how the character's demise would be handled.Cory Monteith's Most Memorable ' Glee' Performances On Thursday night, we found out.In honor of Blockbuster Week, we've composed a list of 50 co-stars whose relationships were sparked from being in a movie together. They got married in 2013 and have one son together, but split in 2015.2.

They got married two years later and now have two children together.5.The bride and groom — Lauren Whitney Johnson and Cedric Sanders — are both actors, but nowhere near as famous as Lucious’ oldest son and ex-fiancée. series finale has aired and the show is officially over.It might disappoint fans and shippers, but Lea doesn’t seem to mind if they want to think she’s cozying up to her co-star.When asked about Brittany and Santana’s lack of kissing or any further romance on this season, Lea said she doesn’t think it’s much different from Rachel’s relationships on the show.“I feel like we’ve given — I feel Brittany and Santana have just done as much as Finn and Rachel have, to be honest with you,” she told me. ”That could be true as far as Rachel and Finn are concerned, but clearly not with some of the other couples on the show. ) In any case, it doesn’t seem like she’s promising anything else for the near future.

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